Fast and Clean Way to Seed Pomegranates and Make Friends

Introduction: Fast and Clean Way to Seed Pomegranates and Make Friends

This is a clean and easy way to seed pomegranates. And sure, everyone has a way to do it, but I'll also show you how to make friends too!

Step 1: Here's What You Need

•large bowl of water

Step 2: Cut and Score the Peel

•cut the ends
•score into 4-6 sections (scoring here means not cutting the fruit all the way through, only enough to cut through the skin)

Step 3: Break Open

•break open over the bowl of water using the scored peel as your guide

Step 4: Seed It Underwater

•with your fingers, loosen up the seeds underwater, peeling away the membrane and breaking up the pith as you go along.

•the seeds will sink in the water and the peels,membrane, and pith will float atop. Scoop up and toss out the unwantables.

•strain out the water and there you have it, pomegranate seeds!

• now walk into a Trader Joe's, pick up a container of seeded pomegranates and say, "Pff, why would you buy this when you can do it yourself in minutes?" And everyone will gather around you and will want to be your friend as you explain to them how to seed pomegranates.

Step 5: Do Something With It

• eat it.
•juice it ( you can find out how to in my instructable on how to juice pomegranates).

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