Fast, Cheap, and Tasty Olive Tapenade

Introduction: Fast, Cheap, and Tasty Olive Tapenade

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Imagine this -- You have guest coming over or you have to bring something for a party, and you TOTALLY forgot to make something ahead of time. This recipe is for you! And it tastes good too!

This recipe for Olive Tapenade is the triple threat of appetizers as it's fast, cheap, and tasty. 

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Keep these on hand in your pantry and you'll always be ready to whip this up in no time!

- Food processor
- Can opener
- Strainer
- 2 cans of black pitted olives
- 1 jar of green manzanilla pitted olives
- 1/2 jar of roasted red peppers
- 1 tbsp of capers (optional)
- Wheat thins (or your cracker of preference)

Step 2: Straining the Ingredients

Open your cans with your can opener. Pour your olives and peppers into a strainer that you set down in the sink. Strain the ingredients by shaking the strainer slightly. 

Step 3: Out Comes the Food Processor

Pour half of your olive and pepper mix into the food processor. Chop that up first. I prefer to press pulse to get it going and then hold it down. Pour the remaining mix into the food processor and finish it up. 

The tapenade should be a little chunky, you do not want an olive puree.

Step 4: Final Product

Now you have your quick and simple dish!


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