Fast Composting!





Introduction: Fast Composting!

make compost in a few weeks and is very cheap.
Please leave a comment!(first instructable)

Step 1: Materials!

red worms half to one pound
organic material
warm place
compost bin(can be homemade)

Step 2: Construction

Put your red worms in the bin and put organic materials inside.
Keep the bin in a warm spot but not under direct sunlight.

Step 3: Finish

you now have your worms making compost but make sure to "feed" them with more organic material.
put more worms if you have a big bin!



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    11 Discussions

    I got mine from VERY fast, friendly service. Great product! Also refer to his website for overwintering them. He does it successfully.

    I got mine at home depot. but if ur home depot doesn't sell red worms i guess ull just have to ask around

    Most of the time you can do a local search for composting  on the web and find them from a dealer.

    I have my worm bin inside all the time. Worms grow faster and I'm more incline to put scraps into it. Theres no smell.

    1 reply

    I listened to a broadcast on NPR that talks about red worm composting in-doors in the winter.

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