Fast Cosplay "Doom"

Introduction: Fast Cosplay "Doom"

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Everyone knows what Doom is - demons and shotguns

I really love Doom, I grew up playing it. I was 14 years old. These are memories of the first victories defeats and championships.

Now we will cosplay weapons from the game with low cost and fast production.

For this, you need any plywood or cardboard. A pen or something you can draw lines.

Step 1: Drawing

Download the image, open it in Coreldraw, trace and prepare the file for engraving on the laser machine

Step 2: Sketch?!

It is necessary to print the original to make it easier to paint.

Step 3: Colorize

When you paint a chainsaw, you have to stick to the scheme, but it's very easy to get confused, if it happened, it's okay, it will be cool anyway!

Step 4: Final

Spent an hour and mine was not bad, thank you for your attention!

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    2 years ago

    That's a good idea for a quick prop :)