Fast, Dart/ Stunt Plane

Introduction: Fast, Dart/ Stunt Plane

This is a plane that if you throw it as hard as you can, it will work very well. It is an indoor and outdoor plane.
It HAS to be made out of note book paper, other wise it won't work

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Step 1: To Start

Take an ordinary piece of note book paper and fold it short ways

Step 2:

Open it back up, take the edges and fold them to the center of the paper

Step 3:

Take the top of the page and fold it down a little. Do this with BOTH sides

Step 4:

Then take the top corners and fold them to the center

Step 5:

Next, fold the nose down on the other side.

Step 6:

Now, flip it over and take the top corners ( again ) and fold them to the center.

Step 7:

Then you fold the side to the middle

Step 8: Making the Wings

Take the top piece and fold to desired length. If slightly slanted downward, it helps the plane do stunts and helps it climb. Bigger wings help

Step 9: Making the Fins

Fold the bottom of the top wing to a desired height, flip it over and when you fold the piece up, line it up with the side you just folded to get even fins

Step 10:

Fold the wings up

Step 11:

Fold the fins up

Step 12: Finish

Step 13:

CONGRATULATIONS! You just finished a fast, dart/ stunt paper plane. If you any comments or you have and idea, put it in the comments box. Hope you enjoyed this plane!

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