Fast Disc Holder


Introduction: Fast Disc Holder

This is a fast made and no cost Disc Holder, for CDs, DVDs, Bluerays and any Compact Disk you have to storage, and have fast access too.

We gonna recycle packaging material made of foam.

Step 1: Material

The foam will be the holding material, well, you have to test it, mine was a simple layered foam holding a DVD player.
Use a good, sharp knife. A swiss knife would do it too, or a simple cutter.

Step 2: Cut

Cut with the distance you think will fit, I used 1cm, and 0.5 cm deep.

Step 3: Voil√°, Done



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    2 Discussions

    Very clever idea! So simple, but perfectly effective. Nice work!

    1 reply

    Thnx a lot! :)
    I guess we can use different packing material ....