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Introduction: Fast & Easy & Cheap Wine Storage

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The sweetheart asked me for some simple, temporary, short term wine storage for the pantry. Unqualified make anything plain and boring, I created these for him. Each holds a full case and because this storage is merely short term (read: we get to the bottles fast enough), the bottles can be stored cork up with no issues. Really, I swear.

Step 1: Get Supplies & Cut

All I needed was two pieces of 1x6 but your dimensions may vary. Finished height on these were about three feet-ish. So cut the wood to the appropriate lengths.

Step 2: Measure & Drill

Lay out where your holes need to go on center then drill out with a 1.5" hole saw. Mine were about 4.25" O.C. but they should have been more like 4.5" or 4.75". Either way, this worked out just fine.

Step 3: Keep Your Assistant Appeased

Get him a new toy. Do what you gotta do.

Step 4: Sand & Tidy Up

Sand the wood and if you have a handy rotary tool, that makes it super easy to clean up splintery edges and insides of the holes using a drum sanding bit.

Step 5: Connect

Align your boards where you want them perpendicularly, drill a couple pilot holes, then attach from behind so the screws are hidden. Glue if you'd like for added security.

Step 6: Almost Done

Now your wine rack for temporary short term storage is ready to finish however you choose!

Step 7: Finish & Install

I finished our racks with what I had on hand, Watco Danish Oil in black walnut. Once dried I attached them to the wall using screw-in wall anchors for added assurance from crashing down.

Step 8: Fill & Empty

Enjoy! Fill with wine bottles, empty, and repeat! Feel free to swing by my blog to see more photos and read extra details at



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    14 Discussions

    Very cool, love it.
    Love the floor in that room too ?

    1 reply

    Thank you! The floor is another of my Instructables actually:


    2 years ago

    Twenty-two bottle capacity is for short-term storage? Whoa! Just the idea gives me a hangover! If you ever moderate your consumption and store the wine longer, won't you want to tilt the racks to keep the corks wet? Kidding aside, nice job.

    3 replies

    24 but who's counting? ;) One drinks white, one drinks red, guests, ya know, so we're not *that* lushy. I've gotten many a comment about cork up/cork down so I was trying to head that off at the pass by emphasizing this is not long term storage for us. Thank you!

    Oh, right. 24. I had just counted the bottles in the photo, and not looked back at the empty racks. I guess you couldn't wait to start drinking before you took the "filled-rack" photo, which goes to your point of short-term storage. Just teasing you. :)

    Hey, we had to celebrate the new racks right away, what can I say? ;)

    you are supposed to store wine with the bottle pointing down. that way the cork doesn't dry out and oxidize the wine. good rack just make your holes so that the bottom of the bottles are higher than the neck.

    1 reply

    Hey thanks but as I mentioned, this is short term storage for us so it's a-ok to store the bottles this way. I looked it up prior to building these.


    2 years ago

    Regarding keeping the cork wet, Australia has pretty much completely switched to Stelvin caps on wine bottles. (screw caps). Side benefit - no corked bottles.

    So this sort of storage works fine.

    1 reply

    I love this idea! I love the clean look, and how inexpensive it is!

    1 reply