Fast & Easy Glitter Earring

Introduction: Fast & Easy Glitter Earring

My sister loves earrings and therefore she has many. But some of them are not worn because they aren´t special any more. But then I had the idea to pimp them up for her. So I desided to make glitter earring.

You need:

• old earring
• glitter powder
• any glue (UHU, Mod Podge,..)
• sandpaper
• a brush or foam brush
• hair spra or clear acryl spray
• newspaper
• needle nose pliers

Let's start....

Step 1: Making Your Glitter Earring

- First you have to disassemble your chosen earrings.

- Next step is to sand the part which should glitter.

- Use crafting wire to make a fixture. Then you can brush it with glue more easily.

Step 2: Add Glue

- Spread glue all over the piece. Use the brush

Step 3: Add Glitter

- Sprinkle glitter onto the earring.

- Let them dry.

(Optional you can use a second different color.)

Step 4: Rebuild

- Spray a coat of hair spray or clear acrylic coat spray onto the glitter part of your earrings.

- Let them dry

- Rebuild everything

(Optional replace old elements of the earring.)

Step 5: Finish

My sister has been glad about them.

The earrings are a good way to highlight your outfit.

For example they match perfectly with the shoes in the picture above.



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