Fast & Easy Wardrobe Light




Introduction: Fast & Easy Wardrobe Light

About: I've studied electronics back in the days in my high school. Today it is simply a hobby.

Introducing my quick and easy wardrobe light. No power grid used.

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Step 1: You Take a Power Bank

Any power bank will do with some exceptions. So you need to check is your power bank completely off, when no USB device is attached, or there is a sense circuit.

Step 2: You Stick a Piece of Velcro to the Power Bank

Step 3: Stick the Other Half of the Velcro Where You Want the Light

You can put this on several spots.

Step 4: Buy One of These Cheap USB Touch LED Lights

Browse e-bay for usb touch led.

i.e. -

Step 5: You Are Ready! Enjoy!

Touch it every time you need light.

In my wardrobe this power bank survives more than 6 months without recharging. When you need to recharge, just stick it off. I also take it in my hand, if I need more light in some dark corner of the wardrobe, or somewhere else in the house.

Watch my video:

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    3 years ago

    I like this. It's simple, effective and multipurpose. I might use this in my shop. Thanks for the idea!