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Introduction: Fast, Great Looking Bird Feeder

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What ?

It's winter now, so it's good idea to feed some birds. Not everyone has a good bird feeder and not everyone has an ability to make one. So, I will present fast and easy way to make bird feeder which can be hanged in the garden or on the balcony.




- cake forms

- straw

Step 1: Mixture

First You need to heat up the fat. Not much, just to make it fluid.

Then mix it with the seeds.

Step 2: Shape

Mixed fat&seeds now can be putted into cake forms. Remember however to put the straw(or small stick) in each one.

Step 3: Final Touch

When mixture get cold and will be solid, get it out from cake forms. Then remove the straw. It will create a hole for the twine (or tape). Put the twine there and now You are ready to hang bird feeder on the tree/balcony.

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