Fast Paper Airplane❗

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Step 1: Fold in Half

So,for the first step,you just need to fold a piece of paper in half hotdog way.

Step 2: Open Your Half

Just unfold your first is simple right now.

Step 3: Fold Top Corners to Center

You fold the top corners to the center so that there is a point at the top.try not to get sloppy.

Step 4: Fold to Corners Again

This is where it gets a little more have to take the fold you just did,and fold the diagonal lines to the point made by the last fold.

Step 5: Fold to All Sides and Corners

This is simple! You take the paper with current folds and meet all sides and corners together.

Step 6: Fold Both Sides to Bottom Lines From the Point Up Then Unfold Half Way

You just do what I said in the fold both sides down to the lines from the point to the end then unfold half way and you have your paper airplane!try flying it.



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    2 years ago

    i am getting ver confused on the last part


    2 years ago

    how did you do that so neatly?!