Fast Paper Airplane

This is one of the more faster paper airplanes, it is well known, so you're probably thinking right now Why are you making this instruct able? The answer is, it is well known, but a lot of people don't realize how great it really is. My recent calculated speed is an amazing 23.354126 mph! No joke. So let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

An ordinary 8.5X11 paper (not cardstock) Optional: Black light source Scissors Rocks Stapler Marker such as a yellow highlighter, crayola's pipsqueak markers (limited to: giving tree, super happy, fun in the sun, and awesome colors

Step 2: Shape

Fold top two corners into middle. then, repeat except with the more outside.

Step 3: Completing

Fold in half, then fold down the flaps. There! All done!

Step 4: Why BLACK Light?

If you want, draw fun designs with the bright-colored markers listed in step 1. That way, if hit with a black light, ooooh, aaaaah!

Step 5: Fun With Aerodynamics

If you want, for extra speediness, put a couple of light pebbles in the front, and staple it shut. It will create a big bulky pocket, but this trick adds about 10% more speed, and it will allow it to fly more straight.

Step 6: Acknowledgements

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