Fast Semi Classical Dance Costume

I had to make two costumes for my girls in three days. We came up with this idea and it took under 15 minutes. needing a chiffon cloth and a small square or satin.

Step 1: Fold and Cut

Fold your cloth into a square, cut a corner so that there is a hole. try it on and make the hole bigger if you need. so now, you have a sqaure cloth with a whole in the middle for a skirt

Step 2: Make and Attach the Blouse

the blouse is just a cut of cloth with straps attached to it that ties around the neck like a halter

Step 3: Fit and Finish

check the fitting and sew around all the raw edges

Step 4: Accessorise

i accessorised with some bead necklaces and pinned them like belts



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