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Introduction: Fast Usb Cable Fix

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I inherited an Iphone with an very much used but still not totally broken Iphone cable.

The perfect reason to try out my new owned "moldable glue which turns into rubber" piece.

For this quick cable fix you need:

  • 1 packet Suguru (moldable glue)
  • water to clean your hands, a towel to dry your hands
  • scissors to open the packet
  • 10min working time + 24h waiting time

Step 1: Glue Preparation

1. Wash your hands carfully, you don't want to have to much dirt or grease on your hands, which you could mold into your ready to be rubber.

2. Dry your hands. Preferable with some papertowles, otherwise you might keep fibers on your hands (like I did) which will be visible on your final product.

3. Open your package and roll the glue to a ball.

4. Warm it a little bit by rolling to make it better moldable.

Step 2: Application and Finish

Now the funny part starts (you have around 30min to mold the glue, otherwise it might already be more like rubber)

5. Flatten the ball (or put it to whatever shape you need)

6. Place your cable on the glue pita and mold the glue around the broken part.

7. Form it long and smooth.

8. Put it to a clean place and let it stay for 24h. Try not to touch it in between - otherwise you mightl get some irreversible fingerprints (don't ask where my knowledge comes from)

9. The cable is fixed and still flexible - so I can hopefully use it for another few years :-)



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    I'm glad you could repair it, that stuff is really useful!

    1 reply

    Yes :-)
    I saw it at a store and then I really needed a project to allow myself to buy it. It worked out quite fine.