Fast and Cheap Dalek





Introduction: Fast and Cheap Dalek

Build your own Dalek Dome be the star of your next Doctor Who watch party and exterminate your friends for less than $10

Step 1: Supplies and Tools Necessary

1 Dalek head sized bowl, about 12" in diameter.  $1 at  Dollar Tree
2 Outdoor LED solar lights                                         $2 at Dollar Tree
1 Medium LED flashlight                                             $1 at Dollar Tree
1 Toy suction cup arrow                                               $ free found in junk bin.
1 2"x12" plexiglass                                                        $ free left over from previous project
1 can Silver Spray Paint                                                $ free left over from previous project
1 can flat black spray paint                                           $1 Walmart
1 baseball cap                                                                $ Found it in closet
1 toilet plunger                                                                $ 3 Walmart
12" of 24 gage wire                                                        $ free left over from previous project

glue gun
soldering iron

Step 2: Dome Lights

To make the dome lights:
1. Take the solar lights apart, you should end up with a tube, the lense and the light (containing the solar cell, battery and led).
2. You'll need to use the dremmel to remove the nub that attaches the lense to the tube.
3. then using the lense as a guide mark the position of the Dome Lights on the "Dome" (popcorn bowl).
4. using the dremmel cut out holes slightly smaller than the base of the lense,.

Step 3: Dome

5. The lenses should be tapered and were easily inserted through the hole from the inside and hotglued in place.
6. now the "light" containing the solar cell, battery and LED can be attached to the base of lense, inside the bowl.
I left a slight gap between the lip of the lense and the inside of the bowl so the "light" can be easily attached and removed for charging.

Step 4: Eye Stalk

7. I cut the small flash light into 3 pieces using the dremmel.  My goal was to shorten the "eye" by removing the handle.  I saved the threaded end that screws into the end, allowing me to hot glue that into the "Head" that way I can just screw the base into the head. 
8. for the shaft of the eye stalk I used an old toy suction arrow I had laying around.  I drilled a hole into the base the same size of the arrow shaft.

Step 5:

9. I  then cut 5 circles  from plexi glass for the fins on the eye stalk shaft.   1 large, 2 medium and 2 small.   No perticular size, I just used the 3 different sized hole saws I had handy.
10.  I attached the "fins" (plexiglass disks) to the shaft.
11. then attached the shaft to the end of the flashlight head.
12 Finally the suction cup end was hot glued to the Dome.
13.  I also drilled a small hole through the bowl and suction cup so I could attach a battery to the LEDs in the flashlight head.

Step 6: Coming Together

12 Finally the suction cup end was hot glued to the Dome.
13.  I also drilled a small hole through the bowl and suction cup so I could attach a battery to the LEDs in the flashlight head.

Step 7: Paint

14.  I painted the shaft of the eye stalk silver.
15. I taped off the eye stalk shaft and Dome lights and painted the rest flat black.
16.  In order to wear it the easiest solution for me was to take an old baseball hat and hot glue it to the inside of the dome.  That insured I had a snug fit.

Now just grab a plunger and a wisk and you're ready to EXTERMINATE!   the Whoverse.



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    13 Discussions

    I'm disguised as a undercover Dalek-converted human. All you need is your everyday clothes. BOOM! Human-looking Dalek!

    Hahahaha what! What!

    Haven't laughed this hard in a while, thanks you! I will definitively do this! =D

    Next time I need to look like a Dalek in a split second, I will remember.

    I was escorting my daughter to an anime convention and I had to come up with a quick costume to blend in.

    You and I have different ideas about "blending in" :-D

    I don't know where in the world you are, but the 23rd is "Day of the Doctor", the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast.

    My goal for the convention was not to be the "old creapy dude lurking around corners keeping an eye on my daughter", instead I was "old creapy dude dressed as a Dalek". There was a 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Panel filled with various Doctors so I got "sonic screwdrivered" a lot. It was a bunch of fun.


    Brilliant! Laughed when I saw that snapshot.


    4 years ago

    Love it man