The Most Basic Paper Angel



Introduction: The Most Basic Paper Angel

                                                                                   THIS IS NOT A DESIGN OF MY OWN!

I saw one of them this Christmas in the house of a friend, made by their child in the school, and I fell in love, because it is simplicity itself.
I published it here because I could not find it published before, and I want it to be accesible.

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Step 1: Needing... Near to Nothing.

Paper, scissors, may be cutting knife... ah, yes, you will need a compass.
You may want to draw a template.

Step 2: Hard to Explain, Easy to Make!

You need to draw an inner circle with a radius of your choice (it will be the head). Then an outer circle with triple radius (it will be the body  and the two wings).
Draw a vertical line as shown (it will separate the wings), and the two (both left or both right) half segments of the horizontal one that will be the miter joint.
Cut by both circles, and the three lines, but retain uncut a little of the bottom of the inner circle, because it is the neck of the angel.
Twist the wings and insert each half of the miter joint in the other one, like an X, joining labeled points "a" with "a", and "b" with "b".
I can't explain it better, but it is very easy.

Step 3: Look at It. Fast and Easy.

Fast and easy, and late for this Christmas. I'm sorry about that. Try to remember it for next year.
Take a look if you still has a doubt.

Thanks for your time!

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