Fast and Easy Photo Retouching


Introduction: Fast and Easy Photo Retouching

About: I'm a happy Movavi user and I'm glad to share some advice on how to do stuff using their programs

Hello everybody! I guess many of you edit photos from time to time. Today I’m gonna show you how to touch up your portraits with a minimum of effort. I’ll be using Movavi Photo Editor 5 – that’s the latest update and you can get it here:

Step 1: Skin

I took a random stock photo as an example and began with perfecting the skin. First, I got rid of the blemishes on the chin and forehead.

  • Click Retouching and choose Blemish removal from the list of tools. Set the brush size, so it is slightly bigger than a pimple or mole you want to hide. Then click on the blemish and it will be erased.

Then I made the skin smooth and matte.

  • Choose Shine removal and then click all problematic areas on the face or body.
  • Select Skin smoothing and then use it like a brush. Be careful: don’t set the highest level of intensity, otherwise, the face will look unnatural.
  • Use Wrinkle removal tool to get rid of wrinkles and bags under eyes.

Step 2: Eyes

Eyes are the first thing you notice when you look at the portrait. So. let’s make them look impressive.

  • Click Mascara, set the brush size and intensity and then paint on the eyelid just near the eyelashes.
  • Change the iris color to a completely new tone, or just enhance the color you have

Step 3: Lips

Beautiful lips will make the look complete.

  • Choose the tint that suits you the most and put on lipstick via Lip color tool
  • Use Reshaping tools (enlarging, shrinking, and reshaping brushes) to change the size of your lips, nose, or any other body part.

I used Blusher as a finishing touch. You can also make teeth whiter, remove red eye, make face slimmer and eyes bigger, dye your hair, and more.



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