Fast and Friendly Winter Hummingbird Feeder




Introduction: Fast and Friendly Winter Hummingbird Feeder

For about $50 and an hour of your time you can make an effective hummingbird feeder that warms the birds and their food, and protects them from snow and rain. A spot lamp is put inside a 10" plastic flower pot and held in place with two screws, with a hole cut for the plug and cord. The pan style feeder is a attached to the cross wires that come with the lamp (easily make your own with coat hangers to fit any kind of feeder, seeds as well). The wires clip to the pot, add a hanger or bracket and your'e done! I also attach an inverted pot saucer to the top to shed extra rain and snow off the feeder.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    why would you want to feed hummingbirds in the winter, when they should be in a warmer climate? nuf sed... D.