Fast,cool Paper Airplane


Introduction: Fast,cool Paper Airplane

This is the worlds farthest flying airplane. It die fast and far. Doesn't require special paper. Fold precisely and will fly perfect

Step 1: Fold Paper in Half

Step 2: Fold Up Sides Like Triangles

Step 3: Fold Up at End of Triangles

Step 4: Bend Corners to Center Leaving Space

Step 5: Pull Top of Paper Down As Shown

Step 6: Fold Airplane in Half

Step 7: Bend Wings Down Parallel to Side and Small Triangle

Step 8: Fold End of Wings Up for Ballence

Step 9: Open Up and Have Fun



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    7 Discussions

    This is probably THE OLDEST paper plane ever!!!!!!!! I've known how to make this ever since I could climb on top of our lounge sofas............!!!!

    Ok thanks

    Ok thanks

    This was one of my first planes and the inspiration for my instructables.