Fastening a Bike Horn With Sugru




Introduction: Fastening a Bike Horn With Sugru

I had a crazy idea. I thought having a horn rather than a bell on my bike would be nicer. It turns out that a horn makes people jump out of their skin even more than a bell does. Failed, but don't let that stop me.

Step 1: Idea #1

Unfortunately, the cheap horn I ordered from China didn't fit on my oversized handle bar. Not being one to let that stop me, I turned to zip ties. That sort of did the trick, but it didn't half rattle and rub against the rest of the bike whether that was the brake/gear cables or the frame. Not a long term solution.

Step 2: Idea #2

In the meantime Sugru build night came up and I applied. As the time was getting closer to for our night at Northackton, I realised fixing this would make a good Sugru project. I had plans to reinforce the zip tie solution by wrapping them in Sugru to make a substantial strap.

Pictured is my idea to use a wing nut to be able to apply and remove this. Bike upside down and tools at the ready I had a re-think. Instead of replacing the bell, I thought it better to use it as a mount for the horn underneath rather than making an entirely new mount. All I needed was a nice bit of the horn to grip onto which wouldn't move too much - an ideal job for Sugru.

Step 3: Applying Sugru

I chose blue Sugru to march my bike and wrapped a single packet around the horn. There's probably enough friction in the Sugru itself, but to make it look pretty and this more of an Instructuable I used the end of my flasthead screwdriver to created lines in the Sugru to increase friction.

Step 4: Fitting to Bike

A couple of days later it had hardened and I was ready to fit it to my bike. Harking back to my original test zip ties seemed to be the solution. These were wrapped through between the handle bar and the bell mount to tighten around the Sugrued horn.

Still to be ride tested later today, but am particularly pleased with the result as I've got the option of the bell as well as the horn now.

Thanks go to Sugru for the packets we used on build night.

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