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Introduction: Father's Day--Broken Watch Gift

Thank you for checking out my Instructable! This is my entry for the Father's Day contest (Scoochmaroo Challenge).

Many men sport watches they grow attached to. Unfortunately, these watches may break and become unusable to tell time. Here, I have taken my dad's most recent watch (that amazingly broke the day before Father's Day) and made a useless watch gain meaning.

I find this project tasteful for any Father... Dads, grandpas, etc. My dad isn't really into many sports, or beer, or any other real stereotypical "Dad Stuff." So I thought a nice photo-frame watch would be something he liked. :)

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Recommended Items:

--(Broken) Watch (No digital)
--Knife, Screwdriver, or other tool to take backing off of the watch.
--A Ruler
--A photo
--Rubber Cement


--Various watch part innards.

Step 2: Discecting Watch

Taking the backing off of your watch. Many watches require a tool to pry up the backing. My Wenger watch required unscrewing.

Step 3: Taking Out Innards

The innards of the watch need to be removed. Generally, the most difficult part of this task is to break the winding mechanism that connects the watch mechanism to the bump on the outside of the watch used to change date/time. To break this, pry the face of the watch up until you can get your finger underneath to pull up and snap the winding mechanism.

This will cleanly take off the entire face and mechanisms, leaving only the glass face.

Step 4: Fitting a Photo

Using Word or using a photo printed at your local drugstore, size your photo to fit inside of the watch's backing. Use the INSIDE ring measurement, or else your photo will be too large and you may have to cut it more than you'd like.

HOW TO MAKE A PHOTO IN WORD: (I sincerely apologize for no photo explanations here. I couldn't figure out how to save screenshots.)

First, find a photo you like. Generally, the photo should be adequately large and "crop-able."

Copy the photo into Word. (I use a "preview" function on photos I'm looking at to easily copy them into Word)

CROP the photo to how you want it to look like. (Try making the crop square, but do not worry about measurements yet. To crop, click on the photo. Then, a picture toolbar should show up, giving you the option to Crop near the top-right.)


Resize the photo. While the photo is selected, an option in the top right should give you resizing measurements (right next to crop option). Type in what dimensions you want. Note, the resizing is proportional. When you change height or width, the other will change accordingly.

To get a nice circle shape, under the Picture Tool's Format area is a large area of the toolbar called Picture Styles. You can select an "Oval" styling that will frame your photo with a round shape. You can format the round frame to be invisible or thin, if you desire, as the preset frame is thick and black. The options to edit that will be immediately right of the Picture Styles section ("Picture Border").

After you have a nicely sized photo, you can add words to it ("Insert"--> "Text Box" then if you like, --> "Insert" --->"Word Art" for a more decorative style. I used the word art that bowed my words. The bowed words fit nicely with the rounded shape.

Step 5: Adding the Photo

After printing and cutting out your photo, try to place in in the backing of the watch. If needed, cut down til it fits. Hopefully you have a photo that fits.

At this point, I put my photo on the backing and glued it with rubber cement. (Excellent to use: the photo i printed was on regular printer paper and would warp if i used regular white glue.)
NOTE!!!: The watch I used as a screw backing for the backing plate. If you have one too, be sure to lightly screw the plate back on and mark where the backing stops. Elsewise, your glued photo may end up crooked. Be sure to check this. For backing that snap on, this a lesser concern.

Step 6: Potpourri

I thought it would be cute to throw some watch gears into the watch between the photo and the glass. I think it "connects" the photo to the watch, and since you pulled out your watch's innards anyway, may as well use those tiny itty bitty screws and gears.

I took pinches of gears and screws and a hand or two. I avoided batteries, large parts, solid gears (versus the gears that have spokes), and turning screws.

This is optional, but I feel that the watch is too empty with just a flat photo in it.

Step 7: Reassemble Backing

Reassemble the backing to your watch. Things should fall into place and your photo is hopefully centered, if you were working towards that.


Step 8: Gift and Enjoy!

Present this watch to your dad or other paternal members in your life!

Thank you for reading this instructable~

Happy Father's Day!


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