Father's Day - Diy a DC Powered Drill Gift

Introduction: Father's Day - Diy a DC Powered Drill Gift

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As we kown that A workman who would do his work well should first sharpen his tools. We do some manual work in peacetime, if there are no appropriate tools, that can be an all-consuming and risky proposition. Therefore, we must carry forward the DIY spirit, produces some tools belong to you. Today, I tell you how to Diy a small DC powered drill for your father as a Father's Day gift.

Well, gossip less, take look at the finished product as above.

Step 1: Prepare the Material


  1. PVC pipe 50mm
  2. A piece of acrylic Board 200*200*2.7mm
  3. A 775 motor
  4. A miniature drill chuck 0.3-4mm and a 5mm connection sleeve
  5. Some coarse wires
  6. A toggle switch with 3 feet and 2 gears
  7. A DC threaded seat 5.5*2.1
  8. A 3-foot micro switch
  9. Several heat Shrinkable Tubes

Step 2: Tools

  1. Soldering iron, high temperature sponge, rosin
  2. Solder Wire
  3. Tweezers
  4. Miter Pliers
  5. Scissors, knife
  6. Phillips Screwdriver
  7. Hand Saw
  8. 502 Glue, AB gum
  9. Lighters
  10. 1mm and 4mm drills chuck, grinding heads

Step 3: Design Circuits

Design a sample circuits.

Step 4: Coating Surface

After the production, because the white is not resistant to dirt, so the cordless battery powered drill needs another coating of paint.

In order to increase the adsorption force of surface, It need to use sandpaper to grind it.

Step 5: Install the Power

Install the power supply to the drill and test the ability of drill a hole. I use DC power 24V 3A (we recommend a high current power).

Step 6: Test the Drill

Drill two screws to test it, with good results.

A cordless DC powered drill was Finished.

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