Fathersday Gift

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Intro: Fathersday Gift

For father's day i had a brilliant idea!

The day before i visited my parents to help my dad with a project.

Once we started is was a struggle to find the right tool because of all the mess he has caused on his work desk.

He is always criticizing us for not working tidy and keep your workplace clean from mess, but if you look at his desk its a mess to.

Time for him to help him tidy a bit so he is also organized.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The tools i used:

  1. Electric screwdriver
  2. Electric Drill with drill bit( pre drill your screw-holes, or else the wood will split!)
  3. Wood glue: I now glue everything and screw it tight. Just to make sure it holds.
  4. Screws: To keep things together
  5. Nails. Just hammer some nails in to hang your tools
  6. Pencil. For marking the contours of your tools
  7. Black marker: to fill in the handles of the contours. Make it a bit clear on where and what tools you have hanging on the nail

The materials i used.

  • Large piece of plank with a white topcoat. Normally used to make a decent desk or closet
  • Leftover pieces of wood, mainly pallet wood. To make some holder for screwdrivers and pliers
  • Iron rod with thread.

Step 2: Screw Driver Holder

Cut 2 pieces the same length. I used one scrap piece of a pallet. Cut it about 30cm lenght

Cut 2 or 3 very small pieces (approx. 2 cm) of the same type of wood

Place one on your plate, place the smaller bits and place another piece on top.

Screw it in place with some screws. Be sure to first drill a hole, preventing the wood to split!

Your screwdriver holder is done!

Step 3: Pliers Holder

For the pliers, i used 2 small blocks.

Try to find the middle of the block by drawing a line from the bottom left corner to the top right, and from the bottom right corner to the top left. Where the lines cross, you find the middle!

Do this for all the 2 blocks. Drill a hole slight bigger then your rod.

I used a wired rod so i could place a bolt at the the end. The rod can't get out of the blocks no more!

I added one image of my own pliers holder, jst to show you how the pliers will hold. They don't fall down, they will stay nice in place!

Step 4: Trace Some Tools

On the left side of the late, there is room to hang the rest of your tools

For instance:

  • Hammer

  • Handsaw

  • Paint roller

  • Putty knife

  • Square

  • Chisel.

  • wire stripper

  • pincers

  • Caliper Allen key set

I used a simple nail. Hammer in the nail at the spot where you want your tool to hang. Sometimes you need more then one nail to hang one tool, for instance, the hammer is held on by 2 nails.

To make it a bit more fun to look at i traced some tools of mine( with a pencil) and used a black marker to get a much thicker line. Looks nicer!

I did this because i did not have my dads tools, it is up to him where he wants his tools to hang, this is just an indication what he can do!

Step 5: Give It a Name!

Apply a small coat of transparent lacquer, to protect the drawings from fading.

I asked my girlfriend and my family to come up with a name for this 'tool station"

Very soon i thought of an Acronym

Example, a very famous one is Wall-e. It stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-class

After some versions, my brother thought of M.A.R.T.

Meteen Aan Rek Terughangen.

My dad is called martin, so he used his name ( my mother calls him mart, and other family members) and roughly translated is says " return immediately back to board " because my dad alwys says if you used the tool, put it back on the place where you find it.

I hope he likes it, and i hope you liked this instructable.
As soon as i seen the board hanging on my fathers mancave wall, i will post some pictures!



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    4 years ago

    and here it is in my dad's workshop!