Faux Agate Slice Coasters (Cardboard Style)




In this Instructable we will be making faux agate slice coasters. We will make them out of cardboard and use pieces of cardboard to complete the painting technique.

I was really excited to make this project so some of the pictures were taken in the evening with not great light. Please excuse that, I just really needed to make the project at that time!

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

You'll need the following to make these rad cardboard faux agate coasters:

1) flat cardboard for coasters. I used 2 layers of a cardboard box per coaster!

2) scrap pieces of corrugated cardboard that are ragged on edge for moving the paint on the coasters

3) paint. I used 2 colors per coaster and different colors per coaster but you can make them all the same or however you'd like!

4) gold paint for edges of agate coasters and white paint for the base color of the coaster agate pattern.

5)glue to glue layers of coaster together. I will be using E6000

6)masking tape to wrap around the coaster and give the coasters a smooth edge. I recommend thicker tape. I used thinner tape because it's all I have while on a mini vacation and it can make the coaster surfaces a little wrinkly when you paint them

7) varnish to make the coasters able to have condensation from drinks On them. I used a small bottle of it from the craft paint aisle of Michaels

8) felt (not pictured) Optional but a super nice touch.

9) scissors that can cut cardboard

10) pen (optional. Not pictured)

11) material to cover workspace. I used a plastic tablecloth!

12) paint brushes

Step 2: Cover Workspace

Step 3: Cut Agate Shapes

For each of your coasters cut a circular shape out of cardboard. I made each coaster shape slightly irregular so when it's done it looks more natural!

After you have your first shape, trace it with a pen onto a new piece of cardboard and cut it out. You can also do what I did and just hold the shape against the cardboard and cut out the copy of the first shape!

Repeat this for all of your coasters but keep the pairs together to be ready for the next step!

Step 4: Glue Coaster Layers Together

Use your glue to adhere the two layers of each coaster together. The number of pieces you should end up with is the number of coasters you wanted to make and they should each be double layered.

Let dry completely.

Step 5: Cover Coaster Pieces With Tape

Rip strips of tape to cover the coaster and its edges. Try to keep the tape flat and not wrinkly.

Step 6: Paint Coasters White

Paint the coasters white and let dry completely.

Step 7: Paint Coasters- the Colors

Rip off a piece of cardboard to use for painting. Make sure it has a jagged edge. For size, it should be at most half of the diameter of the coaster.

Drop dots of paint color #1 in a circular shape close to the edge of the coaster. Be sure to follow the shape of the coaster.

Next, drop dots of paint #2 in same path but closer to center of coaster

If you have a lot of white space you can do another ring of paint dots in either color.

Now is the fun part!! Take your piece of cardboard and drag it through the paint, using the edge of the coaster as a guide. You can also wiggle it in places to give the finished product an irregular, more natural look.

Paint a shape in the middle of the coaster (see pictures for reference).

Let dry completely.

Step 8: Paint the Gold Edges

Use your paint brush and gold paint to paint the edge of the coaster gold. I made sure you could see a edge of gold all the way around it but if I got to a place that had a lot of white by the edge, I painted more gold there but still kept it a smooth.

Let dry completely.

Step 9: Emphasize White Loops (optional)

Use a paint brush and white paint to add or emphasize any white loops you desire.

Step 10: Varnish the Coasters

Shake the varnish bottle to make sure it's well mixed.

Use paintbrush to varnish the top and edges of the coaster.

Let dry completely.

Step 11: Add Felt to Bottom

Cut pieces of felt that match the base of each coaster and use small amounts of glue to adhere the felt to the coaster. If you use too much, the glue will make the bottom of the coaster hard which defeats the purpose of putting felt on them (making them furniture safe)

I plan on adding felt to the bottom of these coasters, I'm just camping right now and don't have felt :(

Step 12: TAAAA Daaahhh!!

Your coasters are done!!! Grab a drink, kick back and relax!

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!!!! I forgot to take ned the stone head on my last mini vacation to solomons island but I'll update the Instagram for you soon I have more pics they just aren't as interesting as Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz island pics !!

    Cats Dragon

    3 years ago

    Great idea. Like your cardboard "brushes" also. I will be trying this with the "grandkids" in two weeks when all 5 come over. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    ediestelCats Dragon

    Reply 3 years ago

    Awesome!!! This comment made me so happy! For the cardboard brushes make sure they are ripped jaggedly and Be sure to keep them smaller width wise since coaster is small. I have tested them with cold drinks and they work well. Pls post pics of the finished ones I would love to see them!!:)