Faux Crocheted Bow Tie

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Intro: Faux Crocheted Bow Tie

This project is a very simple and quick one, which makes sense as it was a really last minute birthday present. I had it done in 45 minutes, and even that was with a redo and writing down the pattern.

Step 1: Needed Materials, Used Stitches, and Other Notes

Needed Materials:


  • worsted weight yarn, it is better if it is softer yarn, as the neck is sensitive to such things
  • a size f (3.75 mm) crochet hook
  • scissors
  • a yarn needle
  • a small button
  • thread that matches your yarn color
  • a needle


Used Stitches:


  • chain (ch)
  • single crochet (sc)
  • decrease (dec)
  • increase (inc)
  • double crochet (dc)


Other Notes:


  • If you look in my pictures, you will notice that my thread color matches my button color and not my yarn color. Doing that causes uneeded stress, as no one will ever see that the button color matches the thread as it is on the inside edge of the strap, and if you if your button and yarn color differ and the thread color matches the button, you have to make sure that none of the button color shows through on the other side of the work


Step 2: Creating the "Tie"

ch 11

  • row 1: skip the first stitch, sc in every stitch across, ch and turn (10)
  • row 2: sc 4, dec, sc 4, ch and turn (9)
  • row 3: sc 3, dec, sc 4, ch and turn (8)
  • row 4: sc 3, dec, sc 3, ch and turn (7)
  • row 5: sc 3, dec, sc 2, ch and turn (6)
  • row 6: sc 2, dec, sc 2, ch and turn (5)
  • rows 7+8: sc in every stitch across, chain and turn
  • row 9: sc 2, inc, sc 2, chain and turn (6)
  • row 10: sc 2, inc, sc 3, chain and turn (7)
  • row 11: sc 3, inc, sc 3, chain and turn (8)
  • row 12: sc 3, inc, sc 4, chain and turn (9)
  • row 13: sc 4, inc, sc 4, chain and turn (10)
  • row 14: sc in every stitch across

Finish off and weave in the ends.

Step 3: Creating the Strap

ch 52

  • row 1: skip the first 2 stitches, dc in every stitch across.

Finish off and weave in your ends. When I use weave in my ends after using a double crochet, I weave in the top end on the bottom, and the bottom on the top. This makes it more rounded and symmetrical.

Step 4: Creating the "Knot"

ch 8

  • row 1: skip the first 2 stitches, double crochet in every stitch across

Finish off and weave in the ends.

Step 5: Assembling the Bow Tie

Sewing on the Strap:

Center the strap so it lies on bow tie's center (picture A) and pinch the top and bottom of the bow tie together (Picture B+C). Stitch the two together (Picture D).

Sewing on the "Knot":

Wrap the know piece around where you attached the strap and stitch in place, the two ends coming together in the back (Picture E).

Sewing on the Button:

Sew the button on to the inner edge of one side of the strap. I added it on the right side as the person receiving it is right handed. The button hole is created by the double crochets on the opposite side of the strap (Pictures F+G)



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    That's really cute! I don't know that I'd call it 'faux', it looks like you could wear it the same as any other bow tie.

    1 reply

    I am glad you think it is cute. I used faux, as made in imitation, as you would not knot it as you would with a traditional bow tie. In my mind, that was enough to make it faux. (Sorry for taking a few days to reply)