Faux Etched Glass Wine Bottle Vase/Votive Holder

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Our wedding was held in a vineyard, so I thought using wine bottles as our centerpiece was only right!
I cut the tops off of green wine bottles, then etched the rims with Krylon Glass Etching spray. This is incredibly easy! So much more so than I had originally thought.  There is already so many instructables on how to cut glass, that I am not going to make my own... Look up your favorite method, cut your piece, file the edges, and come back here! Go on...I'll wait!

Materials Used:
masking tape
old newspaper
cut wine bottles, edges sanded
Krylon Frosted Glass Finish Spray(white frosted)

1. Decide how much of your bottle you want 'etched'. I did the top inch for the rim. Tape off a straight line underneath where you want the etched look to stop. Using your old newspapers, cover the rest of your bottle and tape it off. You don't want any stray spray to mess up your vase! 

2. Apply your spray on even strokes. I recommend wearing protective gloves and eye wear for this part. Turn the vase by the bottom while spraying. Follow the directions on the can! 

3. I let mine dry overnight before removing the tape and paper.

Each one was used as a votive holder, clustered as a centerpiece for my wedding. The votive holders each got a small pumpkin orange candle, with leaf shaped paper confetti scattered around them. I thought they turned out just lovely, paired with the little amber wine bottles(un-etched).
The vineyard ended up buying some from me...the rest of the green are used as vases or votive holders around the house, and the amber ones were added to my husband's bar. 



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    What does this even mean? I guess I am confused. It's not like Little Mom is the first person to ever do this project. Hell, I've been doing exactly this with my wine bottles since the 90s...and I have a book from the 70s that outlines it.

    I'm just saying: is any thought/idea truly original anymore? If it's actually "copying", it ought to flatter the original poster. Otherwise, it's not unreasonable to assume that many people can have the same idea, and that a number of those people might come to this site to share that idea.

    I, personally, wouldn't take a lot of time to research this site to make sure someone hasn't already posted on something I want to share. Maybe I will do it differently, present it in a way others might better understand, whatever.

    This is a site specifically designed to help instruct people on being creative. The more the merrier! Anyone who doesn't want their ideas resampled, copied, etc. probably shouldn't post an Instructable in the first place, eh?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Because of this ible I am going to give this a try. I love bottles and wanted to make a few vases. So if it is easy like you say I will give it a go. I will post pictures when I do. If I remember!