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Introduction: Faux Exposed-Brick Wall With Cement Coloring

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This way how I made my cheap-ugly mason-block wall looks a little nicer: make it look like exposed brick wall

This is part of a front fencing wall of the house, so it's really seen by neighbors and whoever passes by..
Plus the mortar blocks that was used is a locally made, which means it's really rough and probably wont pass quality control in countries that enforces building codes.. plainly ugly!
I want to give a little make-up to the mason wall without having to hire a professional or to buy too much materials.. 

By painting colored cement on to the individual mason blocks, it looks as if they were bricks.. except for the fact that they don't make bricks that big.. :)

= if you want to try this, all risks are on your hands, check first  if you require permissions from authorities or neighbor or wife.. :) =

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • paint brush, any condition as long as there's still brush on it.. i used an old one that's barely had any brush left, worked fine.
  • old bucket or other container to mix the ingredients
  • some sort of a measuring device.. i used an old spoon. it's to make sure that we are consistently inconsistent (see next step). 
  • a stick or anything to mix

  • grey cement, any type would do. here they also sell in smaller batch in kilograms, i bought 3 kg and still had about 1 kg left after the project.  (sorry, forgot to take a picture of it.. but cement is cement)
  • cement coloring agent. I don't know if that's a proper name form them, here they call it "verf', probably an altered version of the word inherited from the dutch.
  • water

Step 2: The Work

It's just like painting.. only instead of paint, we use cement...

THE TRICK to make it look like real brick blocks are inconsistent color. Some of the block should have a darker tone and others have a lighter terra-cotta tone. and they should appear random on the wall.

You can make different tone by precisely measuring multiple basic colors to mix, but I have a simpler trick: use only red color in varying quantity, mixed with gray cement, it will make a different tone each batch.

  • Mix the cement and coloring agent in the bucket, make a small batch each time, about half a kg of the cement with (inconsistently) full spoon of the coloring agent. slowly add water while keep stirring, add water until the mixture flows, a bit thicker (more viscous) compared to regular wall paint.
  • wet the wall with a garden hose to wash any dust, it also help the cement stick better and dry slower.. 
  • apply with the paint brush to the blocks. Carefully not to paint the mortar that holds the bricks (unless you want to make another cement-color to redo the mortar line, i'm thinking to do mine in black, maybe next year..)
  • remember to apply each batch to carefully chosen "random blocks" on the wall.
  • when the batch is finished, make a new batch that's slightly different in composition from the previous one.
  • keep on repeating the steps until you get all of the blocks.. 
  • enjoy your new brick wall..
If you try it, let me know how yours go, would you?
and maybe more ideas?

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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Im an abstract artist, and I think It look Brilliant.
    Good Job Man


    7 years ago on Introduction

    From here it looks like brick to me!
    Here in the south there are alot of homes made of block and all they do it paint it with exterior paint and it looks ok but it looks boring. Not really apealing to the eyes. I bet this will make any old block wall look good. Who said bricks have to be small in size anyway? Looks really great!! How long did it take you to do this wall? Great job Londobali!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks PitStoP,
    It took me three workdays afternoons, about an hour each, for this small wall (+- 3m wide)
    I guess paint will be much easier and quicker, but i think it's worth the extra work..