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Intro: Faux Faberge Junk Jewelry Egg!

I like a challenge so decided I would come up with a Faux Faberge egg and enter it in this contest! It makes a great alternative to doing the housework!

I took a plain white egg and made two small holes top and bottom and blew out the innards.

The theory is you blow hard through one hole and the yolk and white will come out of the other hole! It works!

Step 1: Let the Egg Dry Out!

Make sure the inside of the empty egg is dry and does not smell. You don't want to have to throw your completed creation out later on because it stinks! (I know I am stinkymum, but there are limits!)

When the egg was dry and fresh smelling, I painted it with a coating of white acrylic paint! A skewer through one of the end holes of the egg and the other end in a bottle is a good way to paint your egg without getting your fingers covered with paint.

I gave the egg three coats of the white acrylic, which made it stronger.

Step 2: I Painted the Egg Mettalic Blue!

As I didn't want a white egg, I painted the egg mettalic blue, and gave it three coats of this colour.

Step 3: Identifying the Junk Jewelry

We all have old broken jewelry somewhere (we women that is). I found a few old necklaces and brooches and decided to sacrifice them in the name of Faberge. I did not use all the beads, only a few were chosen!

Step 4: Creating a Jewel Encrusted Egg!

I used a glue gun, glue sticks - and also found some old pearl beads at the thrift store that looked just the job.

Step 5: The Transformation

I took a strip of an old necklace made of small blue beads and glued it over the top of the egg, starting from the base.

When it was in place I took some of the pearl beads on the string and glued them in place too!

A picture says a thousand words, so please refer to the pictures to see what I did.

Step 6: I Got the Blues!

I didn't like what I had done that much, so I painted the whole thing again, beads and all - with the acrylic blue paint! It looked a bit better as it covered up the glue!

Step 7: But It Was Too Blue!

It was too blue, so I added more bands of the white pearl beads until I liked the look of it!

Step 8: More Colour Needed!

The egg needed livening up, so I took the two idential gold tone and "ruby" pins and glued them on the egg - on opposite sides, twining and gluing some more of the pearl strand around each one.

Step 9: Topping It Off

Something was missing, so I wrenched the pin off another old brooch and glued that on the very top! (winding a bit more of the pearl strand around to hide what I had done!)

Step 10: Behold the Jewelled Egg!

Well here's the finished article. I was quite pleased with it, all things considering. I don't know what Faberge would make of it. But I enjoyed making it. What do you think?



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Why do people collect anything. Personally I collect anything that sits still long enough for me to grab hold of!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Coins?!? Check out my forum topic titled "What's in your money collection?" I tell you whats in my collection, but there is a coin shop I have been going up to alot, so it is very outdated.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful and very well done! It is nice to see someone else who doesn't have gold and precious stones lying around to craft with. LOL! Great Job


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh, shiny! You know, the classic eggs opened up to show something exciting inside. Maybe a cute crocheted critter? ;)

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going for the poor man's version! Opening up the egg at this point, may release a disaster!


    OK, the egg is looking good, but you have way too many out of focus pictures here. Back up a bit and shoot some more pics. You can always crop it later.

    1 reply

    took a few more pictures and switched them, but will try to take some more tommorrow in daylight and hope they are clearer. Thanks for the tip.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, very nice a worth competitor to the competition, which looks like it is hotting up somewhat.