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This is a way of making fur without guilt and very cheap

A year ago, I made faux fur tails using yarn for my kids

I also wanted to make plushies for them but faux fur is very hard to find or expensive

I looked online on how to make faux fur in fabric form and many sites showed up on making faux fur with feathers?

And even using masking tape and yarn

That reminded me of the faux tails I made using yarn

Of course, you could use real, but I wouldn't kill an innocent animal just for it's fur

I then started experimenting and came up with a way of making faux fur with yarn

You can use this faux fur for making Halloween costumes, sculptures, clothing, and even plush

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Step 1: Materials

Yarn -Any kind would work (I used inexpensive yarn)


Scrap fabric ( in the color of the yarn you are using)

Sewing machine (would be more stable) or fabric glue

Cardboard scrap

Wire brush

Step 2: Making Each Fiber

Making each fiber is actually very easy

Take your yarn and lay the end down on your work surface

Pinch the end and put it to the opposite side (see pictures)

If you want long or short fur fibers, they will be in half

Keep bundling the yarn until thickness desired

It is best if the bundle of yarn is thin is you are using glue but any thickness can be used for the sewing machine

Tie the middle of the bundle with yarn

Cut each loop at the end and group the yarn again

Using the wire brush, brush the yarn fibers until a soft fur like texture appears

Step 3: Making the Faux Fur Fabric

Cut the yarn that is holding together the bundle of yarn at the end of where it is tied

Do that to each yarn bundle

Cut the fabric to the size that you need

Sew or glue the yarn bundle at the top of the fabric in a row closely together

Continue until the first row is complete

To do the next layer, Take a heavy object and flip the fur and weigh it down so it doesn't get in the way

Glue or sew the next row of bundles just above where the bundles of the first row meet the fabric

Make sure the next row of bundles is very close to the first row of where it is sewn or glued

Continue until the whole fabric piece is complete

After the rows are done, Shake the fabric freely

Check to see if the fur fabric looks full

If not, sew or glue the middle of the yarn bundle sewn so the fur looks more stable and does not show

Or cut the yarn bundle fur so that it is short

This will make the faux fur fabric look nice and fluffy full

If you do not want the fur fibers flying around freely, iron down the yarn bundles in the direction the fur bundles are

Step 4: Results

This is a very easy way of making faux fur fabric

This costs very little and can be used to make plushies, decorate clothing, and anything else

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    15 Discussions


    7 weeks ago

    I am going to do a Nick Wilde costume from scratch and want do do it as cheap as possible, don't have much money, and can't even find faux fur right for my project, now I can make it as custom as I need. Thank You.


    8 months ago on Step 4

    Can u use hot glue on it and not sowing?


    2 years ago

    This is brilliant! I have just made some using my carder and I am thrilled to bits with the results. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

    Sapphire Li

    2 years ago

    Would it be possible to use this method to create fuzzy yarn?

    Cats Dragon

    3 years ago

    I like this idea very much, way better than using the real fur, and a lot cheaper in cost. Thank you. I will be trying this.


    3 years ago

    So looking forward to using this technique to create fur textures for my dolls and small figures. Lovely :-)


    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Nice! I suggest using acrylic yarn if you want longer fibers. Also, for softer fur you should straighten with a flat iron on low temp. :)

    1 reply