Faux Stain Glass




Here are instructions for creating faux stain glass artwork from waxed paper and sharpies. This idea was first floated on Pintrest but I found the instructions and comments to be confusing and contradictory. I hope these instructions provide some clarity for other crafters. Good luck and happy crafting.

Step 1: Materials

Sharpies of various colors; Wax paper (standard household works fine); Ruler, Cartoons (line art of your desired design); Clear tape; Scissors; Pencil

Step 2: Measure and Design

Measure the area you will fill with your project. Design your cartoon to fill the space. Remember borders can fill out your edges. Break your cartoon into manageable sizes.

Step 3: Transfer Cartoon to Waxed Paper

Determine the non-waxed side of paper. The non-waxed side is your best art surface. Position your cartoon under the waxed paper. Using either the pencil or a sharpie, transfer your cartoon onto the waxed paper. Outline your tracing with your sharpie. Your ruler can also act as a rest to minimize color transfer to you hands and fingers.

Step 4: Color Your Cartoon

Choose your colors. Add division lines on your waxed paper to help add coloring details. Decide how to fill-in the outline. Remember Sharpies leave overlapping marks - use them to add character to your art.

Step 5: Cut, Connect and Display

Trim your art to its final size. Connect pieces (if necessary) with clear tape. Test fit of art in display area (trim as required). Fit art into display area and secure with additional clear tape.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to be able to teach this to 4th graders for a craft project. I am allotted an hour and would have to provide my own materials so this seems to fit the bill.


    5 years ago

    I'm interested in this, but the photos didn't display ( only ible that this happened to). Could you please re-load the photos? Thx