Faux Tropical Earrings Using Plastic Bottles




If you are getting ready for a vacation especially on the beach side these are perfect. These are made up of plastic bottles, are durable, water proof and light in weight. This is also a great way to recycle plastic bottles!! You could use this technique with paper but it wont be water resistant while with polymer clay it will be heavy!!

Step 1: Cut Out Petals

You will need plastic bottle, paints (acrylic), wire (or you could use a ready old earring back holder) , scissors, candle, diamond sticker(optional) and marker. To start with take a plastic bottle like a cola bottle. Draw a petal shape on a paper, cut it and similarly with the measurement cut out petal shapes (as shown in the picture). To make one flower you need five petals. Your petals need not be exactly the same, this will also make it look natural.

Step 2: Shape It

Trim the tip of the petal, and run a scissor over it to curve and bend it. If you are working with hard plastic, hold it 8 inches above a candle and the heat with make it pliable.

Step 3: Build It

Once your petal is shaped, keep overlapping five petals to form a flower. To fix it together melt the tip of each petal over a candle and clasp it together. If your hands find it too hot you could use forceps. Once done the back will seem black due to the burn. Don’t worry, we are going to paint it!!....

Step 4: Holiday Flower Earrings Are Ready

Firstly I gave a thick coat of white, coloring the center yellow. However later I played with dabs of white, orange and lemon yellow to shade it. You could also use pink or red.

Once your flower is ready, pass a small wire and bend it (to pass it through the ear hole) or simply pass a small stud earing through it. If you are using an old stud or wire stick the diamond sticker onto it with hot glue.

And you are ready for your tropical holiday!!! Infact you
could make plenty of these and make a garland, wrist band and earrings!!

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    2 years ago

    This is absolute genius! Thanks for sharing I think I'm going to try to make some wall art with this idea :3


    4 years ago

    Cool idea