Faux Walk-in Closet

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I live in a charming little apartment, with a charming little hallway leading to the bathroom. It's too small for furniture, and I'm a renter--so holes and painting are out of the question. With overflow from the closet across from my "bare wall of shame", I finally decided to take action and create a faux walk in closet.

Step 1: Materials

One IKEA Ivar shelving unit--not assembled--is all you need.

Lean the large pieces against the wall.

Step 2: Hang Jewelry

Take all the pretty necklaces and bracelets you have and secure them to the cross-bars.

Step 3: Hang Those Heels

Be careful when placing the shoes on the cross-planks, as the shelving is not secured to the wall.
Any heels that don't hang can be placed on the floor--just like a shoe rack.

Step 4: Hang Scarves, Glasses, and Belts

Why not put it all out there! Let visitors admire your accessories on their way to the bathroom.



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