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A feather kicker(kikbo) is a toy that I used to play with my friends in my younger years. It was a way of gathering friends to have some fun especially after school.

The reason I made this was to teach my daughters how to play it. This is an out of comfort zone for me.

This is an instructable of making a feather kicker.

Step 1: The Items

Most of the items you can make yourself or buy at arts section.

  1. A couples of colored feathers (I pick red, blue, green and yellow colored feathers inspired by the colors of the rainbow at the decoration or arts section)
  2. A silicon stopper (I find it at the stationery section)
  3. 8 tin or aluminium spacers (You can find it at the hardware section but I cut it from a tin can)
  4. 1 plastic spacer (You can find it at the hardware section but I cut it from a drinking bottle)

Tools for making the spacers. (If you want to make it yourself)

  1. Scissor
  2. Hole puncher

Step 2: The Assembly

  1. I insert a couple of tin spacers (actually four spacers) into the stopper.
  2. Next, I add the plastic spacer.
  3. Then, I insert the remaining tin spacers (also four spacers).
  4. Lastly, I gather the feathers and insert into the tube.

When you kick the feather kicker, the added spacers will produce a chiming sound.

Step 3: How to Play

You can play by yourself or with friends. You just kick the kicker or kick it to pass it to a friend without letting it drop to the ground (it is like you let it fly). You can also compete with your friends who has the most counts before it touch the ground win the game.

Please watch the video.


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