Feather Ballpoint Pen

Introduction: Feather Ballpoint Pen

Allways wanted a cool feather pen? But you don't have ink or you want something more waterproof? Yes? If you follow the steps in this tutorial you can make your own cool ballpoint pen!

Write in style!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

- Yarn
- A ballpoint pen, I prefer Bic because you need a reservoir that is small enough to fit inside a feather.
- Scissors
- A feather ( I prefer swan or goose)

Step 2: Making the Pen

Destroy a ballpoint pen (this is the fun part) and take the ink stick out of it. 

Cut a hole in the feather's tip with the scissors. And try if the ink stick fits. If the ink stick doesn't fit, you can cut a bit of the end off and try again. 

Step 3: Yarn Time!

Take the yarn and cut off something like 50 cm (better a bit too much)

Now the hard part,
Lay down the yarn across the feather as in the first picture, one end like 7 cm. Now carefully wrap the other end around the ink stick and the short end. Be sure you do wrap it tight around it. (see the fourth picture)

If you think you wrapped enough, you tie the two ends together. Not once, but five times will do it. If you don't want to have ends like in the sixth picture, you can glue them to the feather. 

Step 4: Finished Product!

Yay, congratulations! You now have your own ballpoint feather!

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