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Here is a tutorial that will give you an idea how to use them. Reem is the designer of this one of a kind earring and with her design you will learn how to incorporate altogether a feather, beads and/or crystals plus a little wire wrapping technique to create accessories.

Materials & Tools:
1 Oval bead
Crystal beads in 3 colors
Ear wire
Jump ring
28 ga Copper wire
Eye pin
Head pins
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutter

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Step 1:

Cut 40cm wire and fold into 2 equal parts. Slide in a jump ring and twist the wire.

Step 2:

Slide in an oval bead, followed by a crystal. You can also use other types of beads and/or crystals.

Step 3:

Leaving at least 2cm tail, make a loop.

Step 4:

Cut a feather in half and lay the tail wire onto he feather. Wrap the wire up to the crystal.

Step 5:

 Using eye pins and head pins, arrange your crystals however you want them. In this tutorial, we have 3 crystals in 1 eye pin, and 1 crystal on each head pin.

Step 6:

Attach these components of crystals onto the jump ring from the oval bead. Attach your ear wires and you're done! There are several options too how you want to embellish the feathers. 

If you like a detailed tutorial you can DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF COPY AT DIYLESSONS.ORG

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