Feed Cat Remotely Using Smartphone With Obniz

Introduction: Feed Cat Remotely Using Smartphone With Obniz

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Do you wanna feed your pets from outdoor? I have made a feeding machine which can be controlled on the browser using smartphone.

Step 1: What You Need to Prepare

  • Obniz
  • Battery or USB adaptor & cable
  • Screw and pipe
  • Servo motor ( unlimited rotation)
  • Pet food - as much as possible

Step 2:

Cut pipes and prepare the screw. I made a screw by using 3D printer. Then, connect screw to a motor. and put them into a box.

Step 3:

Connect servo motor to obniz.

io0: GND,

io1: VCC,

io2: signal

Then power up your obniz.

Step 4:

Write codes below and put food into the bottle. Food will come out from the pipe.

Step 5: Program

Please get the program from here

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