Feet Together, an Water Painting



Introduction: Feet Together, an Water Painting

About: i love painting and yes i have choosen that as my stream of happiness

Hi , I am parimala. i find this as the best place to present my water paintings so i came up with "feet together".I hope you all like my painting and don't forget to vote for me in the rainbow colors contest ! Thanks, parimala

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Step 1: Here Comes the Materials Required!

I have choosen to work on an A3 size white sheet with four colours such as Red, Yellow ,Orange and Blue.

1. white sheet(A3)

2. watercolours


4.painting brushes

5.marking scale and pencil

Step 2: Lets Start Drawing !

lets start drawing a rough sketch. Make sure it is in the center and identical in shape.

Step 3: Background

i have choosen yellow as background

so initially dilute it by adding some water, and apply it . let it dry for some time

add orange colour to the existing yellow colour in palette (you can also add yellow colour if needed)

and now make the pattern such as sun ray's around the subject.

Step 4:

apply orange colour (diluted )

Step 5:

mix red and orange (in 3:1 ratio) and apply it.

Step 6: Final Touch to Make It Complete!

add few more details to the Sole(foot) to highlight the structure and make it neat.

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    1 year ago

    Neat feet! :)