Felt Craft Kits for Adults – How to Make Colorful Felt Flower Pot for House Decoration




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In this tutorial, you are going to see a detailed instruction on making colorful felt flower pot for house decoration with felt craft material kit. Enjoy your time!

Step 1:

Jewelry making supplies in making the colorful felt flower pot for house decoration:

Colorful Felt Paper

Colorful Felt Balls

10mm White Ribbon

Plastic Materials


Glue Gun


Cotton Thread

Step 2: Make Colorful Flowers

1st, prepare the flower pieces from the felt flower model card;

2nd, divide every 2 flower pieces into a group;

3rd, insert the plastic pin through the hole of the flower pieces, and then add the flower base as shown;

4th, repeat above steps and finish the rest colorful felt flowers;

Step 3:

5th, glue the felt ball in the center of the flower as bud one by one;

6th, finish making the colorful felt flowers by inserting the plastic stick through the plastic pin respecitively.

Step 4: Add Green Leaves

Prepare enough green leaf shaped pieces, and then glue each to the stem one by one.

Step 5: Make a Felt Pot for the Flowers

1st, prepare 2 pieces of felt paper with certain shape (these are provided in the material kit);

2nd, thread coffee cotton thread through a needle, then sew the fringe of the strip along the circle;

3rd, sew up the border of the strip as shown;

Step 6:

4th, fold the narrower piece of felt paper in halves as shown, then sew it along the fringe on the top of the pot;

5th, glue a piece of 10mm white ribbon along the surface of the felt piece that you just sewed.

Step 7: Add a Ribbon Bow to the Pot

1st, prepare a piece of ribbon, and fold a lovely bow;

2nd, glue the bow on the surface of the white ribbon you just glued.

Step 8: Finish the Colorful Felt Flower Pot

1st, insert some plastic foams inside the pot;

2nd, infix the flower stems in the plastic foams and finish the flower pot.

Step 9: Here Is the Final Look of the Colorful Felt Flower Pot!

What a lovely flower pot! Easy steps as well with prepared supplies! Are you attracted by this flower pot? Have a nice try with the material kit then!



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