Felt Heart Garland




This is an easy and cheap Valentines Day decoration sure to add a little love to you room.

Step 1: Supplies

Sheet of pink felt
Sheet of white felt
Small heart shaped cookie cutter
Medium heart shaped cookie cutter
pink thread
white thread

Step 2: Making the Felt Hearts

Using the small cookie cutter as a stencil trace hearts onto white felt. Using the medium cookie cutter trace hearts on the pink felt. How many depends one how long you want the garland to be. Make one less white heart than pink heart. Cut out hearts with scissors.

Step 3: Threading the Hearts

For this project there is a wrong side and a right side of the felt. The wrong side of the felt is the side that you traced the hearts on. The right side is the other side of the felt, the mark free side.
  • Thread the needle with both threads to desired length. You can make the thread a bit longer then your completed garland length, or you can make your thread shorter and tie on addition thread as you need it, hiding the knots on the wrong side of felt.
  • Grab a pink heart and have wrong side facing you. Poke your needle across the right lump of heart. So that if you have your heart straight up it is at an angle. Pull the thread threw leaving a good sized tail (approximately 10 inches)
  • Poke the needle back threw the same two holes on wrong side of felt and pull thread threw. This will secure it in that spot on the thread.
  • Grab a white heart and have wrong side facing you. Poke your needle across the right lump of heart. Pull the thread threw bringing the white heart near the pink heart.
  • For measuring the distance between the two hearts I used my index finger. With right side facing you place the bottom pad of the finger over the looped thread of the pink heart and sliding the looped thread of the white heart under the top pad of the finger. Turn so wrong side is facing up.
  • Pick up the white heart on the left side pinching thread and heart in-between your thumb and index finger. Poke needle threw the same two holes of white heart. Give a little tug on the threads coming out of the heart to secure in place.
  • Repeat until you run out of hearts or reach desired length. Leave another tail. Cut off extra thread.
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    Thanks. I thought about making it on a sewing machine. But I decided to make it at work where there is no sewing machine. Figured that would be good too because not everyone has one or knows how to use one.