Felt Monster for a Felt Board or Quiet Time Book




Introduction: Felt Monster for a Felt Board or Quiet Time Book

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Felt is a material so easy (and fun!) to work with that it is easy both for adults and kids. I strongly advise to partner with you little ones on this project. If you don't have your own consider asking your relatives or friends for one or a couple. Believe me, kids usually know very well how to babysit grown ups and work on a fun creative project!

This felt monster is a part of a big project - a felt board. Felt naturally sticks to felt - no adhesive needed. This gives endless possibilities to creating felt worlds. Imagine a scenery made out of felt, with some sewn on felt details (trees, terrain, roads), and then decorated and re-decorated with detachable details (clouds, flowers, houses, cars, and surely felt monsters.)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For making this felt monster friend we need:

  • craft felt - wool is a sensory joy and celebration of natural material; acrylic is more budjet friendly and works just fine;
  • scissors - make sure they are sharp enough for cutting a thicker textile;
  • pen, pencil or chalk - chalk is my personal preference as it leaves no trace;
  • glue - regular glue stick works, yet Tacky or adhesive glue perform better;
  • multicolored threads;
  • needle;
  • paper to draw and cut out a stencil from.

Step 2: Brining You Friend to Life

This step requires major fantasy investment. If you are lucky to have a kid partner on this project - let him, her or them be as creative as they can.

The drawing does not have to be detailed: just the outline and major features.

Cut out all the parts needed from the paper, trace onto the felt, and cut them out.

Step 3: Make Your Felt Friend Beautiful

Put some glue on smaller details and adhere to the the main part. Decorate with embroidery also reinforcing the hold of the glue.

I used two different treads - play with colors, thickness, textures.

Try to keep the back side neat. It does not need to be ideal, just avoid bulky knots and hanging long tails.

Step 4: Securing the Backing

Our friend is almost ready to be played with! The last step is to cover visible stitches with a neat backing.

Stitching the backing will get the award for dedication and craftsmanship; adhering will give a fast and accurate result.

Cover the back side of the felt monster with a layer of glue (I used a spray adhesive that's why some fibers stick our like extra antennae.)

Put it on a backing felt, lightly pressind spread your project evenly, and give the glue time to set (please, check the drying time on the adhesive you are using).

The next and last step - cut out the backing as per the face of the project.

Step 5: Ready to Play!

Done! You just brought your new felt friend to life! Ready for endless play, fun car rides, back yard explorations... Also works great as a book mark (surely if you made a felt monster dedicated to reading.) The great part about this very felt monster - it is very friendly. You put your creativitly, craftsmanship, time, effort, and a piece of soul in making it.

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    2 years ago

    Simple and cute! I love little crafts like this, thank you for sharing the idea! :)

    Fox Majeure
    Fox Majeure

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you :) Sometimes little crafts are someone's entryway to big creativity :)