Felt Necklaces




Introduction: Felt Necklaces

DIY-ing your own accessories could save you a significant amount of money, plus you can make it according to your own specifications. Using felt to make necklaces, or any other accessory, is very easy. There is no need to hem felt, and the material can hold it's own shape. 

Before we start, gather up the following:
- Scratch paper
- Felt (any color, depending on your design)
- Basic sewing materials (needle, thread, scissors, threader)
- Ruler
- Bright colored crayon

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Step 1: Planning and Cutting Out the Design

Get your paper, and draw away. Plot out the size, and design you want your necklace to have. When you're done, cut out your drawing, and trace it on to your felt. When cutting out felt, make sure that you have one "base" piece. It will serve as the anchor for all the other pieces you will be putting on to form your design. In most cases, it would be best to use black felt for your base. Leave a small allowance from the traced silhouette of your design, so this will serve as it's outline.

When cutting out the other colors for the details of the design, it would be best to still create a slightly larger space of each to serve as a base for the next layer. For example, instead of cutting out the beige part of the face exactly where it is on the design, we can cut out a piece that follows the shape of the hair, so that we can just overlap the white felt for the hair instead of complicating the stitches.

To make things easier, you can also cut up your paper pattern so that you can follow your pattern on the cloth almost exact as your initial drawing. Trace all the pieces, and begin cutting out the design.

Step 2: Sewing

After laying out your design, you can start sewing everything on. Before sewing, you could pin each piece to fit the design if you want to, although there are times that the pin ends up moving the piece, and it won't fit as exact as before.

Begin sewing the perimeter of the whole design to set it onto your base piece. Remember to use to same color thread as the felt that is around the perimeter so that it would blend in. The base piece would act as your outline, so there is no need for black thread yet. 
If your design needs finer lines, you could sew them on. To do so, it would be best to use two strands of thread, and knot them together. This way, your thread would be thick enough to show the details on the design. You could use this method to also sew on other outlines needed through out the process.

Step 3: Putting Straps

To finish up your necklace, you would need to add the straps. To cover up all the knots, and exposed thread endings behind the design, we will make another base piece, but this second piece

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Holy god, I think I need a felt Karl Lagerfeld. Awesome project to begin with, but bonus points for having an amazing example.