Felt Passport Holder for Beginners

Introduction: Felt Passport Holder for Beginners

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This passport holder project is dedicated to makers who are interested to learn how to sew with sewing machine. It is very easy project to make for yourself or others as a gift. Follow the step by step tutorial and happy making! :)

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Step 1: Materials

The fabric I am using in this project is felt. However, other type of fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, polyester etc could be used as well.

Step 2: Dimensions

I prepared cardboard templates (optional) for tracing purpose. Trace with chalk or pencil with following sizes:

1 piece of 20 x 14 cm for the main body of the cover

2 pieces of 7 x 14 cm for the flaps of the cover

Step 3: Get Prepared

(i) Secure your patterns with sewing pins.

(ii) Draw stitching line across the pattern with distance 0.5 cm (optional). The purpose for this is consistency in sewing straight line.

Step 4: Sewing Machine

We are using Brother Inov-is 1.0 sewing machines in school. We have these step by step images to guide students who are new with the equipment.

If you don't own a sewing machine and keen to learn how to hand sew. Consider visiting learning this basic hand sewing stitches tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_CaLBKLYL

Step 5: After Sewing

This is how the stitch pattern looks like if you have selected straight stitch option. You may keep the thread visible as part of the design or flip the fabric inside out to hide the stitches.

Step 6: Decoration

My favourite time! Unleash your creativity and imagination, then show the world what you've got!

Step 7: Done!

Wohoooo! It is finished! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

if you have made one, take a picture of your creation and share with me.

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    That looks nice. This would be especially good for kids to help them keep track of it.