Felt Pop Tarts





Introduction: Felt Pop Tarts

Here are a couple of delicious pop tarts with sprinkles. They are pretty simple to make too!

Step 1: Materials:

2 pieces of 4 1/2 " l x 3 1/2" w light brown felt
2 pieces of 3 1/2" l x 2 1/2" w white felt
colorful tiny beads
upholstery thread
embroidery thread
needles and pins (not pictured)

Step 2: Beads:

Sew the beads on a piece of white felt:

Step 3: Sew:

Arrange both pieces of white felt in the center of one piece of brown felt and sew (machine or hand stitch) around the edges.

Step 4: Stitch:

Place both pieces of brown felt together and embroidery around the edges using a blanket stitch.

Step 5: All Done!

See how simple it was?

Check out my other instructables and my craft blog: Treasures for Tots!



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    it really appeals with one's stomach as well as €¥€ leaving out the stuffing, no doubt I'll gift it a try hmm cool beans blueberri poptarts it is then. So wacky how it just popped up in thought there. Be well and full of abundance love muffin and thank you for sharing the nom~noms, I look forward for more inspiration and smiles.


    I am starting a new blog called "The Petite Cafe" (http://thepetitecafe.blogspot.com/) devoted to felt food. I have begun compiling all the best felt food tutorials and I was hoping to have your permission to use your picture of your completed felt pop tart on my blog with a link back to your site. They are so cute!

    Thanks so much,

    when i first glanced at the title i saw free poptarts so i was like NOM but than i realized it said felt i said erm

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    just judging from the pictures i think an additional piece in-between the two brown ones would make it look more realistic, the same size as the white pieces. other than that i really like it : )

    1 reply

    Very nice I love pop tarts, Tastes good AND are full of chems! :D When I saw the Instructable all I saw was "Pop tart", I was like, "HOMEMADE POPTART!!!! :D" But when I checked the materials, Felt, wtf? xD