Felt Wine Bag




Introduction: Felt Wine Bag

This is my first instructable.

my idea was born from need to make a Xmas gift for my friends.

a useful and nice gift, ease to make it.



Step 1: Materials

cut 3-4 mm felt 18cm x 94 cm with a hole of 10 cm diameter. (4 cm for the border).
alternative material is an old jeans, the legs is perfect and durable.

not trashing the circle.

Step 2: Sew the Felt

if you have, bring the sewing machine and choise your favorite stitch

I used letter "F" because I think is strong for my wire

Step 3: Sewing Circle

sewing circle

Step 4: Result

result of sewing circle

Step 5: Fold in Half the Felt

fold in half the felt and fix it with needles

Step 6: Sewing Border Felt

sewing border felt but remember to don't sewing the base (4 cm clear)

Step 7: Sewing the Circle

sewing the circle and use it for support the bottle on the table

Step 8: Final Result

enjoy and happy Xmas from Itay

(sorry for my english)




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    2 Discussions

    Hi, clever idea.I'm going to make a few. Your English is good enough to convey the idea.That's communication - what language is for.Thanks for sharing

    Hey, your english is just fine!

    This is an excellent project. Very handy, and you made it look fairly easy, even for new sewers. Nice work!