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Introduction: Felted Bag

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Here are instructions on how to make your very own felted/fulled bag. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term "fulled", it's basically shrinking wool. You know that sweater you accidently shrunk in the wash? You fulled it.

Step 1: Knit 2 Circles

Loosely kint your piece. You can make whatever shape you'd like - I chose a circle. I used a medium weight 100% wool yarn and size 10 needles.

Step 2: Full Baby, Full!

In the smallest cycle possible, and in hot hot water, with 1 or 2 tablespoons of dish soap, drop your bag in. You should put your piece in a pillowcase. Though I haven't had problems clogging up my machine, others may have. Better to be safe than sorry - use a pillowcase. Check on the bag every 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't overfelt. Don't let it run through the spin cycle because it will cause permanent creases.

Step 3: Shape It

After about 2 cycles, this is the result. Pull the bag into shape and roll it out on a towel. It's now about 14" in diameter. See my felted ball too?

Step 4: Stuff It

Stuff the bag with plastic bags to give the it a rounded shape when it dries.

Step 5: Stuff It Good

It may take a few days to fully dry. I put this guy out in the sun on the second day, and it was good to go!

Step 6: Ta Da!

Cut a slit 2" down from the top of the bag. Instant handles! Now you're ready to show off your creation. Enjoy!



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    36 Discussions

    Would it be possible to make a wallet instead of a bag?

    I sent you a message through revelry as well. I love the colorful ruffled circular bags featured on revelry. Do you have instructions or a pattern for those?

    I have made a pouch size piece and sewed it inside the bag ... but after I washed the bag, you can see from the outside the outline of the pouch. Does anyone here know how I can sew the pouch without showing the outline???

    Yes, can you share this pattern. It is list as "free" on Raverly.com
    I really like, and would like to try it. Im new to felting, an thought this purse seemed faily easy to start with.

    Thank you

    I don't know how to knit, but have a big, wool sweater I'm about to donate to my cat. After seeing your instructable, I bet it would make a great bag. Is there a way I can sew a shape (say a circle since yours is so cute) and turn it into a bag without risking it coming unraveled when I cut it? 

    This may be stupid to ask, but.... how did you make the felted ball????? i've always wanted to do felted jewelry :(
    and another lame question... does it HAVE to be done in a machine? can't it be washed by hand?

    thanks ^_^

     I take it you knitted the two circles together/ how did you get them together to make a bag?

    An inexpensive way to get 100% wool yarn is to un-weave old sweaters and re-use/re-purpose that yarn.  The yarn can be a little kinky, but great, especially for felting projects.   I found a really ugly bad 80's style cashmere sweater at a the Goodwill for $2.99 and made a really soft and lovely scarf.  Would make a great "green" Christmas gift.

    Help I am so dense!! Did you sew the two circles together or is the beginning knitted piece one connected piece ? If one bag of 2 knitted together circles - how is this done...I am a beginner when it comes to the process. Thanks abbie /erragh

    Great idea for using all those wool thrift-store sweaters I felted a few months ago. I too found out that a sweater bag is necessary when felting -- got a free lesson in washing machine repair. I refused to lay out the $ for a professional. If you are persistent, you can find out how to get into your machine (the mfr really didn't want me to open the thing!) on the net and unclog your impeller, which is where the fuzz clogged up my machine. Anyway, nice project!

    I'd rather just find an old knitted sweater around the house or a second-hand shop. Then follow your steps. It's such an adorable bag. You make it look incredibly simple :D


    12 years ago

    What a great idea! Now I'm starting to wonder what I can make out of all those accidentally felted items I've made:-)

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    When ever I have accidentally felted something, I've then shrunk it again and then made other items from them - so e.g. really nice pot holders, kettle warmer, mug warmer, a blanket for cat and toy mice for cats. Oh, and you can sew a bag or a backpack out of an accidentally felted sweater.

    I have seen a lot of old wool sweaters felted down and then sewn into purses post felting :) they look really cute

    Hey hey hey, that makes sense... I could go buy an old sweater at the Salvation army, felt it, cut it up, sew it into a bag... that way you don't even have to knit it! SWEET!

    I actually used these instructions to make this as a birthday present for my sister in law. I made a few changes though. One, I couldn't find a pure wool yarn in my area exept for the "Fisherman's Yarn" from JoAnnes Fabrics. This is a natural colored yarn that sells for $8.99 in my area. The result was very nice and this yarn felted, or fulled as it were, very well. Also, since I can't knit to save my life I had to adapt a crochet pattern recommended for making round pilllows. Feel free to emial if you have any interest in the pattern or seeing the final product.

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    I would love a pattern(s) for felted crocheted pocketbook(s). I am having the hardest time finding any on my own - they're all knitted! Also, I'd like to make a full-sized pocketbook - not a lipstick-sized one! If you have any and would forward them to me, It would be greatly appreciated.