Felted Flower Headband Tutorial



Introduction: Felted Flower Headband Tutorial

- Wool Roving
- Fabric Headband

- Felting needles
- Foam pad

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Step 1: Felt Headband

Take the fabric covered headband and wrap wool roving around the tip of the headband. Start felting with your needle at the tip of the headband. Once the end of the headband has been felted continue to wrap around the headband tightly and felt with your needle along the way. Cover the entire headband. 

Step 2: Create the Felt Leaves and Attach to Headband

Start with the leaves of the flower. Pull a little roving off and fold the roving in on itself and create a leaf shape. Put this roving on top of the foam pad on flat felt the leaf until it is shaped at the top part of the leaf. Leave the bottom part of the leaf loose to felt onto the headband and flower later. Make a few leaves for your flower.

Attach these leaves to the headband at the spot you would like your flower to go.  

Step 3: Create Felt Flower and Center

Repeat leaf process to create flower petals. Make as many petal as you would like on your flower. Remember, flowers in nature usually come in an odd number set! 

Once you have created your flower petals attach them together on the foam pad. Pull some roving for the center of the flower felting it into a circle.

Step 4: Attach Flower and Center to Headband

Take the flower shape and felt it onto the headband. Only felt the center of the flower to keep the petal mobile. Finally, felt the center of the flower onto the headband and flower shape. Felt from all angles until the flower is secured. 

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