Female Drow (Dark Elf) Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Female Drow (Dark Elf) Makeup Tutorial

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Mascara (darkest black possible)

Metallic Ice blue eyeliner

black eyeliner

silvery blue eyeshadow

sky blue eyeshadow

dark blue eyeshadow

deep blue eyeshadow

eyeshadow brush

blush brush

Step 1: Mascara

Put a thick layer of mascara on your TOP eyelashes.

Step 2: Metallic Ice Blue Eyeliner

Go around your eyes with the blue eyeliner, trying to get close to but not on the lash line.

Step 3: Silvery Blue Eyeshadow

Using the eyeshadow brush, bring the eyeshadow up to your eyebrow, and to the bone around your eye. Sweep a little underneath your eye if you desire.

Step 4: Sky Blue Eyeshadow

Add a generous layer of sky blue onto your lid, and slightly down into the corner of your eye and the bridge of your nose.

Step 5: Black Eyeliner

image 1- Put a thin line of black eyeliner on top of the metallic icy blue eyeliner.

image 2- Thinly add eyeliner until you can just see the metallic effect of the liner underneath (sorry it might be hard to see), and add a thin wing.

Step 6: Black Eyeliner

Add to the wing until you get the thickness desired. Start on your bottom lid and begin to go around it until you get to the corner of your eye. Completely black your waterline. go down a little to where there is a crease; line it. Add a few mystical-looking shapes to the side for added effect.

Step 7: Dark Blue Eyeshadow, Deep Blue Eyeshadow

Mix a healthy amount of these two eyeshadows, and apply to the blue outlined area. Tint or shade as much as you like; extend so your real skin is not showing.

Step 8: Lips, Nose, and Brow Bone

Darken the sides of your nose.

Lips- apply lip vanisher or foundation, then go over with either blue lip gloss, blue lipstick, or blue eyeshadow in a tone to match your "skin". I used a combination of foundation, blue lip gloss, and blue eyeshadow. DO NOT EAT THIS STUFF IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK!!!!

Brow bone- contour with

dark blue eyeshadow
deep blue eyeshadow

until desired results are achieved.

Step 9: Black Eyeliner

Add a little forehead doowop and you're ready to go!

Step 10: But Wait, There's More!

eyebrows- If you use a wig, please please please stain/colour your eyebrows to match. I did mine blue to match the wig and my skin.

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