Fenrir119's Knex Ball Machine Elements

Introduction: Fenrir119's Knex Ball Machine Elements

Original elements from my various ball machines, all in one place. I will keep this updated, adding more elements with each ball machine.
Photo is from Space Tower.

Step 1: Wheel

A different sort of wheel that I hadn't seen before. From Four Flags.

Step 2: Flat Spiral

A variation of Kairah's spiral from Metropolis. Uses track connectors instead of gold connectors.
Used in both Derezzed and Space Tower.

Step 3: Dual Track Connector Path

A new path I created for Skill Shot. Can be used in place of gold connector path in most applications. Very smooth, pretty easy to make. Turns aren't very difficult. Photos from Skill Shot, Derezzed, and Space Tower.

Step 4: Micro Roller Coaster Path

Similar to Knextreme's path found here, this path uses two pieces of micro roller coaster track as rails. Micro pieces connect the two rails, and transition pieces can easily attatch it to a tower, as would be done with a micro roller coaster. Turns are easy, drops are next to impossible (unless you have the curved rails, which I do not). Last photo shows some of the possibilities for connecting the two rails. The rest are from Space Tower.

Step 5: Roller Coaster Bridge

A simple way to use three railed roller coaster track to bridge gaps. This technique minimizes sagging. Use the dark orange rods for the bottom rails, and put the track connector in the separated spot so that it cannot slide. Put a red rod through the center, and a blue spacer on each end. This prevents the rod from sliding through the connectors, which is what would cause the track to bend. Middle rail on the bottom is optional. Photos from Space Tower and Derezzed.

Step 6: Alternate Elliptica Rails

Since I don't have many gold connectors, I made alternate rails for the IAC's elliptica that use green track connectors.
IAC's instructable is here.
The rails are a little closer together, so the axle needs to be adjusted as well.
The top half attaches to the blue connectors at either end.
From Derezzed.

Step 7: Micro Path

Basic 3-railed path, but made with micro pieces. From Space Tower.

Step 8: Two Directional Lowering Arm

The centerpiece of Space Tower. The ball can roll across in either direction, and will be lowered onto the track below. I wouldn't make it any longer, because it already has problems twisting from the weight of the ball. Also uses the largest counterweight I've ever built.

Step 9: Covered Path

Good for straight sections, and vertically flexible. Turns are near impossible. From Space Tower.

Step 10: Yellow Connector Turnaround

A turnaround I made for the standard yellow connector path. The speed of the ball needs to be pretty precise, or it won't work. From Space Tower.

Step 11: Whiplash Loop

A custom whiplash loop I made. Difficult to get the landing exactly right, but pretty cool when it works. From Space Tower.

Step 12: Crossroads

I've seen a few of these on Instructables, but none that are exactly the same, so I'll post mine.  From Space Tower.

Step 13: Connecting to an I-Beam

This isn't so much an element as a support system.  I hung a path from the I-beams in my basement in Four Flags, but it wasn't very stable.  So for Space Tower, I came up with a much more stable design that could have entire support structures hung from it.  It is a much more snug fit on the beam, and much sturdier.

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    4 Discussions

    Nice elements. Especially creative with the roller coaster connectors for the eliptica. Hope to see more soon!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have about 8 of the gold connectors, so I improvised. Same thing with the flat spiral. Track connectors can replace gold connectors in a lot of ways, if you're willing to take the time to figure out how to attach them.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have the opposite problem...about 24 gold connectors and 0 coaster connectors. However, I bought a bunch of K'nex this weekend so hopefully that situation will be changing! :-D

    I really like how you made that flat spiral with rollercoaster pieces. Other elements are nice as wel.