Ferrocerium Incendiary Targets




Introduction: Ferrocerium Incendiary Targets

Simple instructions on how to create some targets using ferrocerium to create a reactive effect when struck by a bullet.

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    4 Discussions

    @Kiteman to answer your questions:

    "Can those rods be sawed into short lengths?"
    I would say, No, as they produce sparks at temperatures at high temperatures. (as when scraped against a rough surface, like a saw blade)

    "Does an airgun pellet carry enough energy to strike up a similar flash"
    I think it would depend on the type of pellet. Using "traditional" BB pellets
    (Usually made of steel and plated either with zinc or copper), I think it would be possible. Also it would depend on the firing method, many "airsoft" guns are either spring powered, (Automatic ones have a electrically driven spring system) or are gas powered (usually CO2)...
    CO2 generally yield a higher FPS (foot-pound-second).

    Your best bet would to just test out some of the options, though I would also look into the various methods used in "potato" cannons, some of them yield very high FPS.

    Resources: (from Wikipedia)
    Airsoft guns
    Potato "gun" (they're actually cannons)

    Good Luck, and Happy Testing!
    (and welcome to the Aperture Laboratory Testing Facility)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Feet PER second not pound, but you are right about everthing else.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Two questions:

    Can those rods be sawed into short lengths?

    Does an airgun pellet carry enough energy to strike up a similar flash?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes its quite easy to cut with a hacksaw, but as said you will get a load of hot sparks. It snaps easy as its brittle.

    I don't know about air rifle, I think you will get sparks but not in a spectacular fashion. Steel BB's would likely ricochet quite hard. The idea is to shatter and powder the rods in the air then let pyrophoric oxidation ignite the powder.