Festive Bowtie

Introduction: Festive Bowtie

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This is a fun and easy craft to do around Christmas since there is all that ribbon lying around. :-) This bowtie is more the kind of fun and silly thing you can add to your Doctor Who collection, and I wouldn't recommend it as a fancy bowtie.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Ribbon (I would recommend at least 12 inches for the main bow)
-Another type of ribbon (6+ inches)

The second type of ribbon can be the same as the first, but I have two colors so that's what I'm doing.

Step 2: First Ribbon

Decide how long you want your bowtie to be. I just kind of eyeballed it.

Double the length you want it by folding it over. Then cut it and unfold it.

Then take the ends of the ribbon, fold them together, and flatten out the ribbon. This is kind of hard to explain but I tried to show it in a picture. :-)

Just put a piece of tape on it to hold it together.
p.s. sorry I forgot to mention it in the materials but you need tape too. :-)

Step 3: Second Ribbon

Fold in the long edges and tie the other ribbon around the middle. Make sure the knot is at the back of the bowtie!

Put the paperclip on the excess ribbon (I'll explain what the paper clip is for in a second.) Tie the ribbon in a really tight knot and trim off the excess.

Step 4: Wearing

To wear it simply slide the paperclip on to your shirt like it's a piece of paper.

Whether or not you make this for a friend or for your ever growing collection of bowties, (like me) I hope you enjoyed this instructable and I hope it was helpful. :-)

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